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Private events

Alternativa Catering & Events creates events with sophistication and we can cater right at your doorstep!

Let our chefs guide you through some entangling proposals. Your alimentary needs are highly considered, ensuring that everyone enjoys and savours their meal while admiring the charming ambience of our locations.
If you prefer to have a dinner at home, baptism, first holy communion or a joyful birthday party, Alternativa Catering & Events is able to meet all your standards and let the guests enjoy properly the participation right at your doorstep!

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Our Offer

Baptisms, First Holy Communions, Confirmations and other Ceremonies.

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Given birthdays only come once a year it’s important to celebrate them in the right way, decorations, location, music and Alternativa Catering & Events can provide all of this and more! They can provide it with great food requests such as traditional cooking, exotic, picnic and little aperitif with bites can be done! No job is ever too big for Alternativa Catering & Events.

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When one enters the world for the very first time, it requires a ceremony, a welcome especially within the religious community and this is traditionally done in a culinary setting. Alternativa Catering & Events, in result of its knowledge and experience in the market, gives you a huge opportunity to have fun with an excellent service to all the relatives and friends. 

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The holiday season is the perfect time to meet and catch up with old friends and relatives. Alternativa Catering & Events can organize any holiday event to your liking, after all we are experienced within this field. We promise to look after every little detail, the theme, dietary needs or even simple what gets your tastebuds rolling!

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Our household name chefs from the global panorama are ready to cook tasty mouthwatering dishes at the comfort of your own home. Regardless if it’s for an intimate dinner for two or a party. The Alternativa Catering & Events staff will prepare and turn your living room into your own little restaurant with lights and silverware and all you have to do is enjoy a glass of Chardonnay!



If you crave something out of the box, Alternativa Catering & Events can create a timeless yet edgy event just for you. One can expect a train of professionals from Chefs, Sommeliers, Bartenders and Patissiers from all over the world.

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In one’s life there are any moments one simply cannot miss, for events of this nature we ensure a well trained staff to cater to your every need. Via our particular service for “special moments” everything will be managed with care, no matter the guests’ number, the themed concept, setting and dinner style.
With your kitchen facilities or our own mobile equipment, this wonderful moment will come to life.

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In location

We handpick our locations based on our client’s needs , if it’s for a birthday, a wedding anniversary or have a reunion with friends. Capturing moments is one of the best ways bond and party. Alternativa Catering & Events has a long list of locations and required help.


Our setting are always special and top of the range regardless of what style you choose traditional or contemporary, we can make it happen!
With our creative department, we are able to offer and design many important details for you: table settings, tableware, scenography, invites, and direction; details which compliment the quality of our food preparations and service.


In the past few years the businesses linked with Alternativa Catering & Events gave to our company the opportunity to choose between many exclusive places in Italy. Wonderful historical villas, romantic farmhouses, museums and contemporary areas, estates near the lake: take a look at our suggestions. If you have any questions about us or any of our specific locations don’t hesitate to contact us.

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