Castello di Pomaro

Indetro / Castello di Pomaro

Tucked away up in the mountains is the small town of Pomaro, a town with history mirrored in it’s castle. The Castle dates back to XIIIth Century AD eveloping it’s guest in it’s magical history. Beside the castle an intricate garden filled with charm and tranquility will set the mood for every event.

Address:  Via Marchesi della Valle, 4 – 15040 Pomaro Monferrato (AL)
Opening Period: Events Only
Period Late XVIIIth Century
Number of rooms: 5 + 1 cellar
Maximum Capacity: 250 Indoor – 300 outdoor
Outdoor Area: Spacious courtyard and two gardens
Parking: Impound and private lot
Private Chapel: No, Church near 50 mt.
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