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We understand that people are busy therefore we offer you a helping hand when organizing your social calendar whether it’s: Board Lunches, Conventions, Dinners and Parties to celebrate M&A. Here in Alternativa Catering & Events we are experts when it comes planning every detail of your event therefore you can expect simply the best.
We understand that Brand image counts therefore we ensure to use your logos, fonts and your specific color scheme. These can be applied on the tablecloth, tableware, custom engraved glasses and underplates, color-related and shaped dishes.
Our aim is to showcase the brand in order to create more brand awareness in the clearest and most effective way possible

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Alternativa Catering & Events provides:

Open Day, Fair Service, Welcome Coffee, Coffee Breaks, Working Lunch, Cocktail & Strong Aperitif, Lunch-Buffet, Dinner, Gala Dinner and After Dinner. For every needs we are at your service.

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The Lunch-Buffet approach allows the guests to have a quick and dynamic lunch. We have a wide range of gastronomic options in which the guests can mix and match. The standing lunch is user-friendly and can boast the social activity while having a casual yet tasty moment.

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When it comes to dinner time we like to be innovative therefore we offer a fusion of traditional and avant garde dishes . We also offer a quick and precise service which promises an intimate dining experience.

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After dinner

Professional barmen are hired to cater and serve your every desire from classic cocktails, international drinks, spirits and digestives. Our after dinner drinks will compliment our dishes and leave you thirsty for more.

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With great attention to detail we can create the most unforgettable dinner, boasting class and sophistication from every angle. We will supply the timeless tableware and design the setting to your liking. The wines have been selected to compliment and elevate every dish to enhance the senses.

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For these type of events we like to keep it simple,picking the right location for your meetings, photo sessions or even B2B – B2C marketing themed event. By keeping it simple Alternativa Catering & Events can guarantee maximum success for your business!

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A working lunch is a great idea when you have guests such as ambassadors because it enables everyone to unwind after diving into the day’s pressing issues. A special menu will be planned showcasing the season’s top produce.

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A fair booth is often the principal medium used by businesses to gain future customers with big settings, details and a valuable crew. A stationary coffee corner, light lunches or appetizing aperitifs are some of the elements that you can choose to welcome, to converse your clients. This kind of service is suggested to ensure that you leave a lasting impression of your company to your clients and future business partners.

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Aperitif & Cocktails

Aperitif & Cocktails come hand in hand with any culinary scene, as they compliment any social setting such as a celebration of a gallery or flagship store opening, also before a premier or simply just to celebrate someone’s academic accomplishments. Such unforgettable events enable people to share moments together with just a glass of prosecco and some scrumptious morsels, the perfect balance to leave guests wanting more. In case of lack of time, one more cocktail enables you have one or more hot dishes and tastings of some desserts!


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